I played a few songs this weekend at Freddy’s Bar in Park Slope at the annual Blowhole Theater show.

You sample a bit on youtube  here

This is a picture of me and my uke at the Vortex…. but you get the idea.


Fish postcards

More fun with watercolor postcards:

Ceurves de Colette

I picked up this two volume set of Colette at Strand Books in NYC. I haven’t attempted to read it yet.  Someday. The illustrations are gorgeous.







My latest doll…is a doll/bible hybrid.

She may not have a soul but her torso is a French bible.

Watercolor project – postcard homage to an illustration by Doug Skinner.

This picture is Mr. Skinner sitting on a park bench singing to the crows and crickets.  Doug wrote a song about this and in the last line he intentionally misspells his name “Skimmer”.  I attempted to recreate this park bench scene on a postcard sized piece of watercolor board.

Top is the original by Doug Skinner, followed by the front and back of the postcard I painted. I’ll pop this bad boy in the mail. I hope Mr. Skimmer enjoys it. Check out his site: here

more dolls

here’s some stuff I’ve been working on:

more dolls!!!

The doll project is getting bigger and better…more artsy…less craftsy.  My inventory has swelled to about 150 dolls and I have tons of ideas on how I plan to transform them from abandoned toys to wonderful creepy objects.  Here’s a selection of “before” shots of dolls I’ve recently acquired.